The Creators

These are the masterminds behind the projects 

Ideas from the editor

Stefunny Pettee. Videographer, Editor

Steph Stefunny has been exploring and documenting the realm of Polyamory, non-monogamy and open relationships for 7 years. 5 years ago she embarked on a journey to create a documentary called “Radical Love” and after many challenges, obstacles, and lessons, she has moved on to help “Looks Like Love To Me” as both editor and videographer.

She has passion, drive, and dedication. Stefunny grew up in New Orleans, Dallas, and Helsinki, Finland. Her passion to be a filmmaker started at a young age, with some training in New York city, and other training through local filmmakers. She is a curious, fiery, creative woman with an endless sense of wonder about life, people, the world and herself.

Jonny Capes. Music Composer.

Jonny CapesJonny is an independent composer and producer, based in the lovely UK. He creates music for different media, which he creates from his heartfelt passion for music – completely self taught by the way! Using both physical instruments and synthesizers Jonny’s work is creative and adaptable. For more on Jonny’s music:

Dani(elle) Phoenix. Wife, Mom, Editor, Misc Project Doer, Producer.

Dani ProfileDani is an activated Dreemer! Recently turned 30, she has a colorful story of adventures she’s explored and projects she has established. With a determined mind and optimistically resourceful approach she has spearheaded and collaborated on a list of accomplishments such as: co-found an alternative fuel (veggie oil) product business, travelled the US in a veggie powered school bus, established and run an educational non-profit for sustainability (, created a magical kitchen at the 2011 National Rainbow Gathering, hitch hiked/backpacked Europe, married her wife Melinda, married her wife again and new husband Jonathan, and so on.

Though attaining a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in Psychology, her money making goals reside more in heart pursuits than the “career” world. Presently, she is studying American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, finding an innate connection with the language and unique Deaf community. With the new triad marriage and babies on the way, “Looks Like Love To Me” has become the primary creative and social-movement pursuit in her life. She plays roles behind the scene such as website creation, filming, editing, video cataloging, and producing.

Other than that, she thoroughly enjoys working the garden, breathing fresh air, stretching/yoga, and strumming on guitar while creating songs with conscious messages and dreaming of a future on an intentional community!

Melinda Phoenix. Wife, Mom, Social Networker, Producer.

Mel Profile

Jonathan Stein. Husband, Dad, Practical Dreemer, Producer.

Jon ProfileJonathan  is a natural artist. This affinity for creativity is felt in the way he views and poetically describes life, as well as within his family taught trade of carpentry. Founder and Foreman of his business Full Circle Creations, Jon emphasizes natural building techniques, reclaimed materials, and permaculture principals. (

Born and raised in Sonoma, California 32 years ago, Jon has spent lots of time traveling to different countries for fun, experience, and educational purposes. Well known for his protective and light hearted nature, Jon is a go-to guy for friends, family, and strangers to find comfort and reliability.

Newly married to The Phoenix’ (Dani and Melinda) and an eager father to be, Jon finds this web series as a constantly evolving teacher. It provides an opportunity for others to witness the unfolding of this unique story and see the real beauty in it.

His enjoyments in life often lie under the sun – surfing, hiking, gardening, and biking. He passionately seeks how to provide a home for his growing family, effortlessly sketching new creative building plans for their future sustainably built house and property.