(Un) Hidden Agenda

What is our (Un) Hidden Agenda?

It’s our mission to share our story with whoever wants to listen and watch. Our hope is that by being honest, open, and proud of our family that people will begin to embrace the different flavors of love out there. We want to encourage and support people “coming out” about their love, no matter their relationship or family structure, sexuality, economic status, and so on.

(More details about the project and documentary)

Our (Un) Hidden Agenda is to share ideas not “directly related” to love and our relationship. Philosophies and ways of life that we find powerful and are just as significant in our lives as the Love this project shares. (Details below)

We believe the world will only benefit from a high population of loving and accepting people out there. It’s our goal to contribute how we can.

How do we define love? 

So what’s on the agenda?

Ok, we admit we have an agenda. The obvious is encouraging people to love more fully – be it with friends, strangers, family, or partners. But in sharing our story we hope viewers will get a peek of some ideas like:

  • Practicing sustainability within our homes and community
  • Collaboration of Eastern and Western healing practices
  • Advocacy for the Deaf community and American Sign Language
  • Learning about organic food, farming, and husbandry
  • Live happily, gratefully, and with a positive attitude
  • Be courageous and persistent about making our Dreems a Reality
  • Develop our community of friends and neighbors
  • Challenge ourselves to evolve to the ultimate person we can be
  • Don’t be deflated by our imperfections
  • …the list will continue to grow as we do…

This means we will have some videos that share parts of our lives and who we are as individuals, beyond who we are as a “triad”.

Do we want everyone to be poly?

Simply, we just want everyone to love how they want and need to…and to be honest about it with everyone involved. And for people to be loving about how other people choose to love.

Are we part of any particular religion? 

Nope. We all grew up with different religious backgrounds as kids, but individually have come to a neutrality with religion. We would be those people that consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious”. And it’s a completely home-grown, grass roots, make it up as you go along, sense of spirituality. As is our life.